Drone Footage Shows Elephants Foraging for Food in Sri Lanka Garbage Dump

November 27, 2020 03:22 PM
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Drone footage from Tuesday, November 24, shows a herd of hungry elephants digging through heaps of trash in eastern Sri Lanka, looking for something to eat.?

They rummage through heaps of plastic, paper and other trash, picking out wilted bits of vegetables with their trunks. It's a common sight at the country's three largest landfills, which are?next to wildlife protection zones.?

This landfill in Ampara was created around a decade ago in the middle of an elephant corridor?that?is home to 200-300 elephants.??

Electric fences were put up,?but the elephants have made their way in and have been helping themselves to the easy food supply.??

The elephants have?also?been eating plastic along with the food scraps, and?it?is?slowly killing them, local officials say. In 2019, 361 elephants died, a new record.?

The dump is not the only target of the hungry elephants. The villages in the area have always had an uneasy?coexistence?with the wild herds, but the situation is?getting worse,?local residents?say.??

Human deaths?because of?elephants?number between 20-80 per year.?